Review – Part II

Now, lets take a look at the products listed. The website shows three columns listing six products in each. I decided to review some of the items in middle column because it was listed as “Free Information”.

The first item I reviewed was of course typical of all the scamming get rich quick websites I’ve seen. Even the name of the website has a scamming ring to it –

Earn 15,000$ per month in 30 days

Bruce Berman students are making over 25,000$ every month, he has now decided to give away a FREE copy of his best selling book “I Got Here. You Can Too” and his Making Money CD for FREE. You pay only $3.95 for shipping – US and Canada Only.

Here is a screenshot of the website:

Remember this: People who are millionaires don’t waste their time building websites to sell their product and share their secrets with the entire world. I said this in my post on Danny’s Scam Review. Why would someone so wealthy care so much to share his “money making secrets”.

Now here’s the scamming part. See above how he says he wants to send you his free information and you only have to pay for shipping and handling, well, according to once they have your credit card information you could very well end up with a whopping bill for $99.90.

If you didn’t read the fine print, by now you may be asking yourself, where did all these cd’s come from? Here’s what the fine print (that didn’t appear, either verbally, or in writing on the TV commercial) said:

“We are giving you these two products for free as a thank you for considering the entire Aggressive WealthSM program. Take up to 30 days and decide if you want the balance of the Aggressive WealthSM program, if you elect not to take advantage of this exceptional offer and you decide you do not want the balance of the Aggressive WealthSM program, simply call our toll free number (within 30 days from our shipping date) to process your cancellation and we will cheerfully give you a return authorization number and cancel your order and you will owe nothing. At the end of the consideration period if you decide you want the rest of the program, do nothing and your credit card will conveniently be billed only one payment of just $99.90.”

There’s plenty to write about Bruce Berman. I’ll write more in my next post. Just do a Google search on him and you’ll see what people say about his product.

Ok, so the first product I reviewed turned out to be what its not.

The second product on the list had this catch phrase:

Work From Home
Start your Home Business, be your own boss, work when you like and earn as much as you want. Experience the Financial Security, Superior Lifestyle and Freedom of working from home.

When I clicked on the information above I was taken to a website called They claim to match you up with the right business after filling in a short survey:

The problem here is that regardless of what I filled out in the survey I received identical results. Here are two screenshots of the information being entered differently:

The results both lead me to this:

I got the feeling that no matter what I entered the results would be the same. That would mean that the “Please Wait while we match you page” that came up after I clicked on the “Match Me Now” button was just placed between the survey page and the results page to make you think that its really processing your information when in reality its not. Smells like a scam to me.

See for yourself. I copy and pasted the link for the “Please Wait” page. If you click on the link it will load the wait page and then take you to your business match. Its amazing how the “experts” found a match for you without you even having to enter any information. That’s pretty advanced technology.

I’ll write the details on how they set all this up in a future post.

After randomly checking some of the products listed in the middle column I decided to take a look at the first column. The first column is titled “Ladies First” and is directed towards working moms who have a hard time as it is getting by without needing to be scammed into some baloney money making garbage. The last product posted in this column has this tag line “Do it for your Kids, Make a full-time income around your children’s schedules. FREE Mom-Friendly Home Business Service.” Well surprise, surprise. Its another bogus business match survey. This time I made sure to fill in even more ridiculous information.

After clicking on the “Match Me Now” button I was taken to a page telling me that the system was “hard at work finding the perfect home business” match for me. In reality it was just a series of advertising pages that I needed to click through until I came to their bogus “perfect home business” for me. Here’s a screen shot of one of the ad pages:

What a complete scam!!

As this post comes to a close, I would like to share with you this laughable video that was on one of the “business match” results from yet another business match up survey. Its basically a very amateur video of two college kids telling a bogus story of how they made millions and how they want to share their secret with you. I was actually waiting for one of them to crack up in the middle. They must have done a few takes until they got it right.

Remember all this is from a website that had this opening paragraph:

“Our Recommended Work at Home Opportunities are selected after careful and strict review. All the opportunities listed here are legitimate and free from scams.”

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