The dangers of free Adsense Ready Websites – Part II

In the last post I introduced [tag]free adsense ready website[/tag] packages and some minor issues with them.

Now to get these [tag]adsense ready websites[/tag] installed for you for free you need to follow their relatively simple yet dangerous process.

Here is a breakdown of the process:
1. Find a domain you like and get it registered
2. Sign up for a hosting service through their hosting sponsor which happens to be
3. Select the “Baby” plan – a $9.99 / month plan
4. All three websites tell you to enter the word “jury” as the coupon code. (This code supposedly gives you the first month of hosting for $.01. (unless you’re Verizon, this is not the same as .01 cents.)
5. Confirm the plan and pay one cent for the first month of hosting.

So far the process is relatively painless. It’s the next step that is a shocker.

Here is a screenshot from

So you may be thinking “whats the shocker, they just want confirmation that you signed up”. Well unfortunately, it’s more than that.

I was actually with before switching to my current hosting company. When I saw this my first thought was “wow, I could do this ‘cause I have a hostgator account. This is great.” That’s what I thought until I checked my welcome email I received from hostgator and saw all the information it contained. This is a copy of the email I received with the critical information blotted out:


This is your private information they are asking you to provide them. No one under any circumstances should ever provide anyone with their username and password. If someone is that foolish to hand over this information then they probably wouldn’t have a clue as to how to change their username and password once they get their account.

So what if you know how to change your log on information after you give it to them?

Well even if you know how to change your username and password you still faced with other problems.

First, if you change your username and password right away then they won’t have time to install the [tag]adsense websites[/tag] for you. But that should be your biggest worry because once they have your username and password you may never get into your account again. takes the process a step further. By registering the domain name for you they claim ownership of your domain name for the first 90 days. This basically means that they are in control of your website.

My recommendation: Don’t sign up for any free adsense ready website packages.

I’ll talk about other possible problems involved with signing up with these vendors in another post. Also, when I have time I’ll provide information on creating your own adsense ready website without having to buy any of these packages.