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([tag]Free adsense ready website packages[/tag] seem to be becoming more popular these days. I could tell you right now without too much thorough analysis that you should stay away from them. I’ll tell you why in upcoming posts. Be patient.)

Here’s a list of free adsense ready websites that fall under this heading (I’ll add more as I discover them):

The Lead
While researching adsense ready programs I came across I was looking for a way to download [tag]adsense ready templates[/tag] for free. I thought if so many of these websites exist then there must be a website, forum, or whatever that has it for free. I even downloaded the Morpheus file share program to see if someone was offering it for free. Well the Morpheus option turned out to be a mistake because the two .zip files I downloaded from different sources contained viruses. So much for going with that option. In the end I just did a google search and came across I searched using the key words “free adsense websites” and Adsensehosting was displayed at the top of the page in the sponsored link section.

So what are these websites?
Well in case you haven’t checked these websites yet, They offer essentially the same exact thing that other adsense ready websites offer except for free. In other words, you get 155 adsense ready website templates for free. Now unlike the adsense ready website product I’ve tested in the past, you don’t download these files instead they install them for you. I’ll explain that part later. If you don’t already know what adsense ready websites are or what they look like then check out this previous post. I didn’t know myself what they were several months ago until I started doing research on them. Here is a screenshot of one of the adsense ready website pages that FSD provides


The [tag]Google Adsense ads[/tag] are at the top of the screenshot and there is a list of related articles in the left sidebar.

First Impression
Like the other websites I have been researching I decided to review these and see what the catch is. First, these websites have the typical look and feel of a [tag]get rich quick[/tag]/[tag]work from home[/tag]/[tag]own your own business[/tag] product.

Here is an excerpt that’s similar except for a slight change in wording on both FreeSiteDeal and AdsenseGuru websites:

“Start Your Own Network Of Adsense Sites With Our 155 Ready-To-Go
Websites With Over 10,500 Pages And Watch Your Adsense Account Grow On

Adsensehosting has this catch phrase:

“Massive profits are being made with Adsense Websites.
Start making some extra $$$ or £££ now !!!”

All three (and there are probably many more out there like them) offer to provide the same exact product following a similar process. However, after reviewing I discovered one aspect that really makes them a [tag]scam[/tag] in my books (besides the information I’ll mention in upcoming posts). Right below their opening catch phrase the website states:


The problem with is that the website was created just to make you think is giving you a great deal. How do I know this? Well, I was skeptical right when I saw this statement and decided to do a google search on the keywords “enjoy profit” in quotations to test my theory. Just as I thought, the website didn’t come up in the search results.

It doesn’t end there.

Here is a screenshot of the results I received after entering the actual website name “” into a google search:


In other words, was created solely to trick people into thinking that they found some sort of treasure. That alone is enough for me to completely discredit this website.

My next post will discuss and analyze the dangerous process for installing these [tag]free adsense websites[/tag].