Scandalous and/or Misleading Ads are No Longer Welcome Here

After several people including family have commented on the types of Google ads on my site and have requested that I try and filter out the bad ones, I have agreed to finally take action.

Just to make things clear, the Google ads that appear on my site are automatically generated by Google. This is the way Adsense works. Once you apply to the Google Adsense program and your website or blog is accepted all that is required of you to get advertising on your site is to copy the Adsense code provided to you by Google and simply paste it where you want it in your template files.

I’m happy to say that the first Ad that got the boot from my site was from This was an easy decision as I already have reviewed the site and determined that his sales page was scandalous. From now on, to help filter out the non recommended products/websites in cyberspace, I will be posting periodically the different ads that have been removed from my site.

The benefit will be twofold: 1. new visitors to this blog will see that I don’t tolerate misleading or scandalous advertisements and 2. The posts will provide people with a quick review of products/sites to avoid.

Danny’s scammy ad was appearing regularly on my site. It was almost always visible on my Danny’s Scam Review post page. Well now its gone.

Here are screenshots before the ad was removed and after.

Another ad that got the boot was for I presented a post on that website as well after reviewing Dannys Scam.

If there are any ads on this site that you feel should be removed kindly let me know. Just keep in mind that it can take up to three hours for Google to implement the ad filter.

I have a feeling the Ads in the second screenshot are going to get the boot as well. I guess the words “honest” and “legitimate” don’t mean the same thing in cyberspace as they do in the real world.