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As I mentioned in a previous post, I sent an email to ezinearticles regarding an adsense ready website selling packages containing their articles. I just received an email back from them yesterday.

Here is a copy of the email I sent them. Their response follows.

I am not sure you are aware that there are adsense ready website products that have taken many of the articles found on this site and are reselling them as packages so people could build revenue generating websites with the articles.

They are selling the packages for at least $50.

Please note, not all the articles they sell are from this site and the articles that are from ezine contain all the info on the author including hyperlinks as in original articles. Is this permitted?

Let me know if you want more information including who is selling these products.

Here is the response I received from

Hi Ari,

If you could point us in the direction of someone in particular we can take a look. Generally though is not something we knowingly endorse.


After reading their response, for some reason I felt as if they don’t seem to care too much. I dont know. Its just not the response I was expecting.