“Real” Make Money Online Products Do Not Exist

Ever since I first launched this blog I have been getting emails from people asking about work at home opportunities. Everyone wants to know if there are any real products that actually work. Here are some of the emails I received on the topic.

“Dear Sir.

Would you please if you can advise how to find real workable money making opportunities.
I would appreciate if you can give me direction where to go or how to find good money making program on the net.

Waiting for your early response.”


“Thank God I found your web site.

I accidentally came across the 47 Scams etc. site and was confused about it’s authenticity. I was pretty sure the Mark Warren program was a rip-off and decided to keep searching for more info, which led me here.

I’m not really looking for a way to make money on the net, yet who wouldn’t want to supplement their income this way if it didn’t take a lot of time and effort.

Which brings me to this inquiry. Is there any honest, reasonably priced way to get started on the web with limited knowledge and resources?


“Ok, I think your wedsite is for real. Can you recommend a money making internet venture? Thanks,”


“I wanted to know seriously are there any honest to goodness – legitimate internet businesses out there and what’s the name of their websites? I don’t have the funds to get scammed repeatedly. It’s a shame that finding an honest person with a legit internet business is so difficult. I applaud your efforts to inform the general public in need of extra income of some of the pitfalls and scams you have encountered on the internet. Good for you!”


“I want to work from home and for that I have purchased Computer also, but I am little bit confused how to start because mostly all the sites are scam one, they take fees from us and don’t give the payment. I have come to know about.

I need help and guidance from you that how and from which site I should start my work.”

As I responded to each and every person above who emailed me, the answer is there are no real money making products. I can attest to that as I have been researching and testing different ways to make money online without much success. That is I have yet to find a solution that will allow me to make money fast through the internet.

The only way to make money online is through research, familiarity with the internet, and lots of work. None of these get rich products will make you wealthy simply because the wealth of these product owners comes from you buying the product in hopes of becoming rich like them.

While I still have some products I want to review, I doubt that they will provide me with that much information to help me make lots of money in a short period of time.

What I could do is provide frequent postings on what I know about the internet and what it takes to even to begin to make money online. So hang in there and I hope to come back sooner than last time with an updated post.