Profit Lance: What’s Inside Part III and My Thoughts

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In my previous review post, I failed to cover all the interesting aspects of the Profit Lance program. In this post I would like to finally cover some of the other great things about the program and some of the things I have issues with.

So let me continue from where I left off in my last post and get straight to the other components that I feel are kinda cool.

Task Manager
To help you move ahead with your online money making plans and cover some ground in this program, there is a Task Manager built in for this purpose with examples and instructions on how to use it.

When you click on the task manger link you’ll see this window:

The great thing about this task manager is that all your content is saved online in the Profit Lance system. Every time you log on to the program and visit your task manager you’ll see the items you’ve created tasks for listed. You can also modify the information to record your progress towards completing your ultimate goals for each task you’ve created. Like any task manager, your success depends on how well you take advantage of this feature. Setting clear tasks and goals, whether or not you decide to use the included feature, is key to an overall success strategy.

Profit Lance Niche Research Center
The next cool feature is the Profit Lance Niche Research Center. Its best to use the product owner’s own words to describe this tool.

It is a research tool that allows you to compile statistical information in niche markets with a view to evaluating their potential exploitation for profit. You gather information from search engines, discussion groups, keyword bids, blog search engines and article directories and use the information as a whole to decide whether a niche market is ripe or not. This tool is to be used in conjunction with some of the tutorial lessons.

Like the Task Manager, this tool is a separate feature included in the profit lance program. When you click on the ‘pLNC’ at the top of your main Profit Lance page, the program will open a new window. As the product owner mentions above, the tutorials and projects in the ‘Project’ section describe how to effectively use this tool. One great thing about this tool that I really liked was the “Niche Market Profit Calculator’.

This calculator will calculate your net profit based on the number of people who will click on your ads and actually purchase a product through your site, the costs for you to advertise your site on Google or Yahoo, and the amount of commission or payment you receive for each product you either promote or sell. Descriptions on each component and explanations of the results are provided on the same page right below the calculator.

Profit Lance Blog
And finally the last component that I am impressed with is the Profit Lance private blog. Its this part of the program that Mr. Andrews can in a way communicate with members. The blog is updated regularly with new, useful, and sometimes important information.

My Issues
As many people are aware, there are websites all over cyberspace promoting Profit Lance as the real deal. Many of these websites are actually part of the program and are designed for you to learn how to advertise and make money online through affiliate commissions.

I dont really have a problem with this because the product happens to be good and the owner claims to actually have reviewed the other items on these websites however I do have issues with the way some of the people are going with this.

Just yesterday I came across a site promoting profit lance that had this at the top:

Don’t buy anything until you have read my report…

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What he’s doing is taking advatage of the strategies of the course to pull off another “Danny’s Scam Review”. The title of his site suggests that he provides information on products that are scam free however Profit Lance is the only product on his site. When you visit his main site you get a HTTP 403 Forbidden.

He also has the same bogus update that you’ll find on Danny’

UPDATE 29, 2007: I’ve just checked back at the site and there is huge 50% discount available as of today!

The product’s price hasn’t changed since it was launched in January and he’s using a similar Javascript to display the date when you visit his site.

Just to clarify this person above is not promoting Profit Lance using one of the training sites created for that purpose. He created his own site. I’m just wondering if he took advantage of the skills taught in the Profit Lance course to falsely promote the product.

Now let’s get back to the websites provided by the Profit Lance course. As I stated above, these websites are designed mainly for training purposes to help people learn how to use adwords and make money of affiliate sales. While you could definitely make money using these sites, people focusing on only that aspect of the course are essentially focusing on short term gains.

Making affiliate commissions with these sites by selling Profit Lance to people who visit your site after seeing an Adword ad on a Google search result is not a long term money making strategy. Mike Andrews makes this very clear in the product that marketing his pre-made websites and making money of affiliate commissions is really only for training purposes. If you plan on purchasing the Profit Lance system just to market the Profit Lance product and make affiliate commissions then you missed the point of the course.

The program is designed solely to help people stand on their own two feet when it comes to making money online. However, you will not learn from the program if you just jump in to make money off affiliate commissions. Why? Because that’s what everyone who bought the program is doing. If this is what Mike wanted people to do then why would he bother educating people on Clickbank, Adsense, building traffic, adwords, writing articles, and so on. He could have easily put together a simple website like Mike Warren’s websites or Daves Cool Little website and showed you how to make money that way.

There are several factors involved in Profit Lance being a success for you. First of all, the effort and time you put into the program will directly affect your level of success. I could just say upfront that there are plenty of people who would easily drop the program after the initial excitement wears off. A lot a people will be gung ho at first but then slowly but surely lose interest. It’s like that with any course that requires you to really put work into it. A good example would be an exercise or weightloss program. The best ones require you to dedicate a couple hours a week in order for you to make it work. Many people who make New Year resolutions to become fit or lose weight often sign up at the local fitness center only to drop out after a week or two. They simply lose interest.

If you are looking for a get rich quick fix then I suggest you avoid Profit Lance. You’ll end up becoming frustrated at how long its taking to make money and give up. On the other hand, if you decide to give up then just request a refund from Clickbank. This way you’ll only have wasted your time and not your money. But dont expect to a find a program that’s going to offer you mega wealth with minimal effort. Unless you’ve got experience such a thing doesn’t exist. If your interested in the program then click here to visit Profit Lance. Please note, the link is an affiliate referral link.

[If you haven’t done so already, click here for an updated review on Profit Lance – January 2008]