Profit Lance: What’s Inside Part I

A Profit Lance Review

[Click here for an updated review on Profit Lance – January 2008]

I should begin by stating that the Profit Lance program is not a scam. Despite what I wrote in my previous post regarding the content of the Profit Lance website, the product itself is quite impressive. I know that the website for the product makes it look suspicious the only explanation that would make sense is that the product owner, Mike Andrews, probably went to a marketer to help him pitch his product and the end result was a website that looks like the Ultimate Wealth Package.

Whether you are visiting this post either through a Google or similar search or through a recent discussion on various forums you might know that many people who have purchased the product agree that the Profit Lance website makes the product look suspicious and were hesitant to purchase the program. However, after spending several days examining different aspects of the product I have came to the conclusion that its actually quite a comprehensive and informative program.

For starters, before being able to purchase the program through Clickbank you’ll need to first fill out a reservation form.

You will not be able to use the program without first creating a reservation. It doesn’t matter what you enter for your name and email address as long as its done before buying the program. The form is more for them to keep track of how many people are reserving and actually buying the program than it is to get your personal information and email address. I initially thought that this was part of the scheme but after testing it myself and hearing from others who tried to purchase without first creating a reservation, I have seen that they do in fact keep track of who registers. In fact, the name you use to create a reservation is the same name that will be used for logging in to the program regardless of the name you use to purchase through clickbank.

My Profit Lance Review: The Inside
Once you purchase the program you will automatically be given your username and password and from there you will be taken to your logon screen. You’ll see the Welcome page once you log on to the program. Here is a screenshot of the inside of the program (Click on the screenshot for a larger image):

Just looking at the Hompage/Welcome Message screen you could see how overwhelming the program is. Based on the information in the program and playing around with it over the course of the week, I could tell you that there is a wealth of information here. If you are a beginner to making money online and you dont know much about anything; Adsense, Blogging, Clickbank affiliate commissions, Traffic, Advertising and more, then you will definitely benefit from this program.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect after logging on to the program:

  • The Home screen welcomes you, gives you an introduction to the program and guides you on to the next step.
    On this page he states that the purpose of his program is to do the following:

    1. Understand
    2. Acquire skills
    3. Practically implement techniques

“A lot of focus is given to practical implementation.”

The next step is the ‘Getting started’ section where he outlines the format and structure of the member/private area. He displays this screenshot showing you how the program is laid out:

  • Getting Started:
    1. Breakdown of the layout of the program – very helpful
    2. Top bar contains resources and tips for training purposes and tabs for managing your tasks and projects
    3. Sidebar lists:
      1. Various ways for making money online with background information of the different money making strategies and programs and guidance to using these techniques.
      2. Money Making websites – which I will get to later.
      3. Video tutorials
  • Essential Steps – after visiting the getting started section you are led to the next part of the program called ‘Essential Steps’. This part of the program shows you the initial steps to making money online:
    1. Create you Clickbank account
    2. Create your Blogger account
    3. and accounts
    4. And more

Once you have completed these steps you then add all the above account information to your Profit Lance account page. Your Profit Lance account page will be used later when you start marketing your own products and websites or if you decide to first gain experience by marketing the already built websites that come with the program.

In my next post I will discuss in more detail the various specifics of the program such as the making money components, projects, websites, and other resources the program provides.

One important thing that people need to understand about this program: This is not a get rich quick, make millions of dollars from your home in a month type program. This program is designed to train you with what’s involved in making money online and the practical steps needed to make money online. It may take months until you generate any real cash. It is extremely comprehensive and while most of the information could be found online for free it would take quite a while and a lot of work to research this information on your own. If you want this program to work you will have to put in the time and effort.

Click here to visit Profit Lance. Please note, the link is an affiliate referral link.

[If you haven’t done so already, click here for an updated review on Profit Lance – January 2008]