Profit Lance Updated Review – January 2008

I want to take the time to provide an updated review on the Profit Lance product. The last post I wrote on the product was back in March 2007. Since then, I have received a lot of positive feedback from people using the product. Ever since I brought the product I have been playing around with some of the techniques to see different ways of generating revenue. [[pageindex]]

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Let me first begin by telling you about the program. In my past posts I went into a lot of detail. Well I’ll try to avoid that here. Most people really want to know what Profit Lance is without having to read thousands of words.

What is Profit Lance?

Profit Lance is a program that teaches you strategies to make money primarily off two things: 1. Affiliate commissions from products sold through Clickbank, and 2. Google Adsense.

That’s really it in a nutshell. So if you are like most people, you would still have no clue what I am talking about. Most people don’t know what either Clickbank or Google Adsense is.

What is Google Adsense and how do you make money with it using Profit Lance?

To get an understanding of what Google Adsense is you could read a past post that I have written about it here and here.

I have to tell you that Mike Andrews, the creator of Profit Lance, makes it sound easy to make money off Google Adsense using the stuff he provides in his program but its really not the case. We were actually emailing each other back and forth about it. I argued that Google’s duplicate content filter would prevent someone from making money with the Adsense ready websites he provides. He disagreed. I still maintain my position as I have tested the filter system and wrote about it here. Look, unless you are either going to have thousands of people visiting your website every day or build hundreds of sites, you are not going to make so much money through Google Adsense. In the past year I made a total of $500. That’s in an entire year. That’s not a lot of money. Mike states in his program that he has around four hundred active websites. Well that’s probably how many you will need to make money through Adsense.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is a website that sells all sorts of e-products. They have products in every category from Home and Family to Money and Employment. People could earn commissions as high as 75% for promoting the products sold on the site. The great thing about Profit Lance is that the program explains in great detail what Clickbank is and how it works.


Also the program tells you how to select the best affiliate product.


How do you make money through Clickbank using Profit Lance?

What separates Profit Lance from other money making products is that the program doesn’t just tell you how to make money through the clickbank program, it actually walks you through the process of doing it.


In this screenshot, the first link takes you to the Clickbank registration page. Unlike Google adsense, Clickbank does not require you to have a website before signing up for the program.

The second link in the screenshot above takes you to your Profit Lance account page where you will enter your Clickbank ID.


Now here is where Profit Lance shines. Once you have entered your information into the program, Profit Lance actually provides you with already made websites that you could promote right away. These websites contain your affiliate link so if anyone purchases Profit Lance through your website you make money.


Here is an active link to the website in the screenshot above.

The link doesn’t contain my affiliate ID so don’t worry about me trying to make off it. On the other hand, the link at the bottom of the page does have it.

Now a word of caution is necessary here. As I have mentioned in my previous posts on the product, these website are really provided for you to experiment with making money through affiliate commissions. Its advisable not to buy the program just for these websites. In the words of Mike Andrews himself:


I have spoken with a few people and they told me that they implement the strategies provided in the Project, Learning Center, and Articles sections of the program to make money instead of just using the generic sites provided with the course.

Profit Lance also provides a built in web creating tool that allows you to create your very own landing page. While the landing page is still hosted by one of Profit Lances domain names i.e. netsalleries, bezoogle, you could any text and color you want.


Here is a sample page I created using the Profit Lance landing page creator. While the program doesn’t allow you to add images you could still add as much text as you want. However, if you want to create some real looking websites the program offers some really nice looking website templates.


Click here to see what the actual template looks like. You could literally create your own customizable MarkWarrenWebsite with this tool and template. The amazing thing is, the program provides video tutorials to help you configure every component of the site.

There really is so much you could do with this program.

My main issue with the program, as I have mentioned a few times before, is that many people are learning the skills to create tons of bogus review sites solely for the affiliate commissions. I highly doubt that people are purchasing tens of products, testing them out, getting real honest testimonials, getting solid results, and writing an honest review. I have seen lousy products getting great reviews over and over again from people who never really researched or used the product.

Video Tour

If you are interested in watching a Video Tour of the program click here


Over the course of the last several months I have been getting positive feedback from people who have used the course.
Here is what people, real people, (I know this cause I have their email and IP addresses) have to say about the product. These people have either emailed me or left comments in the blog posting on this topic.

Christine (IP address: 71.xx.xx.166 )
Skills are what Mike teaches, you can make quick money fast, but, I wantted to train and LEARN what I am doing. I am so glad that I came across the Profit Lance System. Mike is an incredible teacher, who is a REAL genuine, person with integrity! Skills are what a person learns, for LONG term training and results…..

Mihalis (IP: 24.xx.xx.246 )
Being an honest person, that is my nature and I can’t change that, I always wanted to learn how you can really make money on the web without just having to get other people to buy what you just bought, which on most cases it was nothing anyways. It was just the membership, if you can call it that, to that club that sells nothing of substance really. It seems that the Profit Lance satisfies this requirement.

John T (IP address
I feel that the Profit Lance system is a very good course suitable for beginners and intermediate affiliates. The only thing that I disliked about the course is that it is overloaded with too much information that are not really needed. Examples are the 3rd party ebooks.

John L(IP: )

Hi rommo..
I also bought the Profit lance system about 4 months ago, and i felt it was a worthy investment! I’ve made money from that program by promoting referral signup services, as well as from the program itself.. What i like most about the system is that it really gives you very practical, hands on steps to implement PPC campaigns, article marketing etc, and also for you to practice with the premade sites and Adsense package…
However, the only downside is like you all mentioned. There’s too big a chunk of info especially for newbies to absorb. But it took me some time before i got the hang of the navigation.

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