Profit Lance: What’s Inside Part II

In my last Profit Lance review post I discussed the overall look of Profit Lance and the initial part of the program. In this post I will try to cover more of the essential components of the program and whatever else I have time for.

There is no question this program is helpful. Some people need to understand what this program is not. First, unlike many of the other products on the market promoting lots of wealth in a short time, this program does not do that. This program is not a Mark Warren Website or a Dave’s cool little website designed for you to put on the internet and pray for someone to actually visit your site so you could make money off advertising and commissions. Its also not an adsense ready website package that promises to bring you unlimited wealth so you have financial freedom. In other words, Profit Lance is not a “money making” product. It’s a system, a learning system, and like all systems your success is directly proportional to your effort.

The best way to describe Profit Lance is how my friend put it when I was telling him about the program. He said “So its like the product is an online consultant.” I responded, “That’s exactly what it is yet you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for information.”

So now let me get on with describing more of the other features of the Profit Lance system.

I would like to begin by showing you the contents of the Learning Center. If you remember the screenshot in my last post, the Learning Center is located on the sidebar and provides the background, tips, and information on Clickbank, Adsense, Finding niche products, traffic, and more.

Here are screenshots of the content listed in the sidebar:

You could see from the image the different areas covered in the Learning Center. The important things to notice from the screenshot besides basic information are:
1. How to choose a clickbank product
2. How to create a Google Adsense account
3. How to advertise and use Pay Per Clicks
4. How to build traffic
5. How to track performance
6. Advanced techniques and more

This is only one section of information in the sidebar. The sidebar also includes over fifty video tutorials on everything from search engine optimization (SEO), to building traffic, to tips on designing your websites. Another valuable component to the sidebar are the e-books. There are close to twenty e-books on online marketing and success in general. We’re not talking about ebooks with like ten pages or so that barely cover any information. Some of these ebooks are around 75 pages. It seems that the ebooks are provided more to compliment the information in the program and are intended for the type of people who like “additional reading” material.

Now lets take a look at whats provided in the top bar section of the program. The screenshot in my last post gave you an overall idea of what the top bar contains. What I want to do now is show you in more detail some of the components I found to really be unique and very helpful. For starters, lets take a look at the ‘Project’ tab. Its this part of the program that I really found extremely useful and helpful. Here is a screenshot of what you see at the top of the Project page:

And here is a screenshot of part of the project list:

Notice the first project on the list: “Finding Underexploited Niches Using Keyword Tools – Part 1″. This project, for example, shows you the background, examples, and steps in using Googles Keyword tool for finding specific product niches and the advertising competition for those products.

The above image only shows the first few paragraphs of the project. The whole page offers multiple screen shots with interactive examples. Like any project, the more you work with the tasks the more you learn. If you just run through the project and move on to the next one without first experimenting the steps you’ve just learned then your not going to gain much from the program.

I will cover the websites and other important components in my next post.

One important thing about profit lance is that it’s a new program. This means that the creator updates it regularly and provides email support when necessary but like all programs as time goes on and the membership grows it hard to tell where the product will stand. I would figure that is why so many people are excited about it. Its new and different. Click here to visit Profit Lance. Please note, the link is an affiliate referral link.