My Experience with Adsense Ready Websites

As many of you are aware from the content of my posts, I have been testing an adsense ready website product for a couple of months now. I have to say that the results have been quite disappointing. This information would pretty much apply to all adsense ready website products –,,,,,,, and more. Except for slight product differences, essentially they are all the same. I can’t imagine free turnkey adsense ready websites being any better.

Now, in my second post on the topic of adsense ready websites I discussed what various people had to say about them. Here is the relevant content from that post:

According to Lisa at, the biggest problem with Adsense ready websites is that search engines ignore duplicate content. Since they are loaded with pre-written articles and anyone purchasing the product will have the same articles as another person with the same package, the search engines will therefore ignore the web pages altogether because they are programmed to filter out this duplicate content.
She writes:

Your site would be ignored faster than a Yankee fan at a Red Sox game! Remember….the key to making money with Adsense is getting traffic to your site so people can click your ads. Most people rely on the free search engines as their main Internet traffic source. I sure do! So, how are you going to capitalize on all this traffic if the search engines are ignoring your site? The answer is….you won’t!

One person recently (Oct 2006) posted in a forum that he used to make as much as $150 plus per day through using these Adsense ready websites that is until Google started removing these site from its search engine.

95% of my domains (read adsense ready sites) were removed from Google’s index within 3 weeks.
Nowadays I am lucky to get $10 a day, mainly from MSN and Yahoo traffic!

So it seems that these Adsense ready websites may not be so great after all. Still, I think more research on this topic is needed. Stay tuned!

Based on the information above I thought that if I dont make websites that are identical to others who have this product I can avoid the duplicate content problem. I therefore decided to think out of the box and come up with a successful strategy for making money with these websites.

I thought that the reason why search engines removed the duplicate content was based on the meta tags in the source code. For example on the sample adsense ready website page I created for another post the meta tags in the source code had this:

meta name=”Keywords” content=”Average Sucks!, Success, Success articles, Success information, about Success, what is Success, Success Information”

meta name=”Description” content=”Average Sucks! plus articles and information on Success”

If every adsense ready website had identical meta tags then the search engines would pick up on this and remove the duplicate content. So I thought if I there was a way to get the articles up on the web without the meta tags then I could get indexed by the search engines.

Therefore, I decided to create multiple blogs with the articles I downloaded from my adsense ready website product. Instead on just having a blog on success, I made a blog on self improvement and included all the related topics. In the end I would come up with around thirty blogs composed of all the articles from the “149 websites”. By cutting and pasting the articles and titles into my posts I would avoid the meta tag problem.

However, two problems occurred. While it was actually working at first as my stats showed that people were accessing my blog through Google search results the traffic stopped all of a sudden on December 18, 2006. In addition, it was consuming way too much of my time. If the product is supposed to work then why did I have to be creative and create blogs? Why couldn’t I just follow the instructions to install the websites and become as wealthy as they said I would become?

So, I decided to give that option a try. I unzipped all the “websites” and decided to upload them to my hosting provider. Based on my experience uploading the Management website and the amount of time it took to do so (3.5hrs), I decided to upload about half of the websites (77 folders) over the course of the weekend. I naively thought it wouldn’t only take about 15 plus hours to upload all the files. (I know, I didn’t do my math. If it took 3.5hrs to upload one folder then it should have taken somewhere between 135 – 270hrs to upload 77 folders.) Well I was shocked when I saw this:

A day and a half?! That’s 37 hours of uploading on a high speed (54.0Mbps) connection. So you might be thinking “that’s not so bad. Its better than 135hrs.” Well, imagine if I didn’t have a high speed connection. Many people don’t.

In the end, the uploading time wasn’t the biggest problem. I got back to my computer after the weekend and I was really surprised when I saw this:

Operation timed out?! Well of course what did I expect. My server host probably automatically logged me out after several hours. Getting logged out automatically is a common thing and especially critical to maintaining security of your sites.

But that’s it. I’m giving up. Throwing in the towel. I don’t have any more patience for this. No more “money making” adsense ready websites for me. What a waste of time and money.