not as Advertised Part I

Several months ago while doing my usual search for money making opportunities I came across a site that looked different than the others.

What caught my attention about was its “Featured In” section. Unlike many of the scam websites out there actually had write ups from popular online journals and credible magazine websites with the date as to when the write ups were written.

So naturally, after seeing these type of things I always have a need to verify if indeed they are true. This is always the first step in determining the validty of a site/product.

One of the features that got my attention was from Fortune Magazine:

I’m delighted to report that, having gotten this query from maybe 2,000 people in the past three years, I finally have a good answer. Check out

To my surprise and after spending some time searching for it I was able to find the full article online. You could see the entire article here.

Well that was enough to convince me that maybe this website is for real. I decided to pay the $35/year membership that would provide me with access to all sorts of articles on different ways of making money and various work from opportunities. Review
Now that its been a couple months since I signed up, all I could say in a nutshell is that I am extremely disappointed with this website. For starters, the membership area that you see when you come to visit the website is not the same as you see when you log in.

Here is a screenshot of the membership area that you’ll see when you visit the website:

If you’ve actually visited the website and move your mouse over the different areas it appears as if each area is clickable with a direct link to the item shown on the members only page. However once you become a member and click on one of the items listed in the member’s only room and log in this is what you’ll see:

It may not be a big deal but this bothered me.

The first thing I had to take a look at in the members area was “How to make extra money with your home computer” this of course, followed by the Top ten Scam free surveys report. These are free articles available only to members when they sign up. I’m not sure but many places wouldn’t consider that free.

Since I work at my computer all day I just couldn’t wait to hear the secret to using it to make extra money. I have to tell you that I was shocked when I read the report. Here are some of the things that this secret report reveals as to how to make money with your home computer.

Telemarketing Service
Data Entry
Landscape design
Web Design

I couldn’t believe it. What a sham!! I need a “free” report to tell me that I could make money with my computer by starting a Landscaping Design or Web design business. I could actually use my computer to do those things?? Wow, what great advice! Except that you cant do these things without knowledge and experience. And how about Consulting? What’s up with that?

It was at that point that I thought “Great I’m such a sucker. I can only imagine what type of wonderful jobs are available in the database.”

Here’s another wonderful “free” report: $100/HOUR WITH YOUR PICK-UP OR VAN. I don’t have to really tell you about this report because you could read it here. But I’ll tell you about it anyway. In case you didn’t know, you could make money hauling trash from people’s houses or become a mobile…locksmith??!! Wow more great advice. Why hasn’t someone thought of that before? Here’s a great one:

Perhaps you like cameras and photography? Why not be a mobile one-man camera crew? You can sell your photography skills by videotaping events such as weddings, parties, ball games and any other special events. You can outfit your car or van with all the equipment you need, and you can rig a platform atop the van for that special high angle that most people don’t think of.

What a great idea. But first you’ll have to become a skilled professional photographer with a decent reputation before anyone would give a hoot about your “mobile one-man camera crew”.

In case anyone’s wondering, Moneyfromhome’s collection of wonderful “reports” are actually ebooks that are sold all over the web by people who bought an ebook package with resell rights. Just type ebook resell rights into Google and you’ll find sites selling an entire package of ebooks, thousands of them including the ones above, for only $10.

Now I dont want you to think that is one big scam. Its not. Well at least not all of it.

Stay tuned. In my next post I’ll the discuss the 1000+ work at home opportunities that they boast about on their home page.