Mark Warren Websites: Part II

The last Mark Warren Websites review post discussed some of the marketing issues that I had with Now I am going to discuss the actual websites themselves.

Returning from where I left off on my last post, the next line on the markwarrenwebsites page brings me back to my original discussion – our free website.

Free Website Offer
Mark Warren has this information posted on his website:

$1097 website for free. Awesome! How does this free website offer work?

This promotion entitles any Ultimate Wealth Package member or newsletter subscriber their own website (value = $1097), user control panel to edit the site(value = $3000), website installation(value = $300) and advanced Ultimate Wealth Package ebook and video (value= $597).

Amazing? Yes but we are just gettins started. You will also received all the promotional material you need to get started including a $55 Google Adwords voucher, a $50 Yahoo Search Marketing voucher, a list of my very own super hot keywords, plus much more….

Are you thinking this is to good to be true? It is, which is why I am only offering a very limited number of websites and I will be ending this offer very soon. If you don’t act now chances are you will miss out.

If I am not mistaken, I am supposed to get all of the above free. He states clearly “How does this free website offer work?” and then he goes on to tell me all the wonderful things I will receive:

  • A turn-key affiliate website worth $1097
  • User control panel to edit your website worth $3000
  • Website installation worth $300
  • Advanced Ultimate Wealth Package ebook and video worth $597
  • Free $50 Yahoo! Search Marketing voucher
  • Free $55 Adwords voucher

Then he tops it off with “Are you thinking this is to good to be true?” which reinforces my thinking that I am receiving everything for free. But then later down the page he has this paragraph:

“All you need to do is sign up to the recommended host and we take care of all the technical stuff, provide you with your promotional material and vouchers… and you sit back and start earning money with your new website.”

Now I am confused. First he tells me about the free web offer and then he tells me that I have to sign up to the recommended host. Is it free or not?

Well no its not. After filling in my information again this page came up:

Notice that I have to pay for all the wonderful things he told I would get for free. This is simply another marketing sham.

The “Free” Website
Adding insult to injury, the “free” website is completely useless. After choosing the basic plan, this is the website I was given

I’m not joking. My website is The thing is, it’s not a website. It’s a directory under That’s a big difference. How could a directory (31428) that I have no control over whatsoever possibly be worth $1097?? And the $300 web installation? What installation, they didn’t do anything!! The number 31428 was automatically generated. The next person who signed up after me had 31429 and the person after that had 31430 and so on. In other words, I was the 31,428th person to sign up. Just to give you an idea how many people are signing up for these bogus websites, I checked back after twenty minutes and the number was up to 31,460. That’s more than a website a minute being registered.

And what could you do with these “free” websites? Absolutely nothing! All the revenue for the affiliate links and Google adsense codes go to imarichkid (I’m a rich kid AKA Mark Warren).

The control panel is also useless. Here’s what I saw when I tried to make changes to the settings of the “free” website after logging on using my username and password:

In case you missed that, none of the control panel features are available until you pay up. In addition, the whole $1097 “free turn-key money making website” is only a 30-day trial. Thirty days to do what with it exactly?

“Free website” Content
In case you hadn’t noticed the content of the free website let me point some things out. For starters, anyone purchasing Mark Warren’s websites becomes involved in his scam. The website starts off with a direct lie.

We have reviewed the top selling programs on the Internet today. Below you will find reviews of the top 3 opportunities that actually work. The key to making money online is knowing how and where to start. Without the right starting point you will waste precious time and a ton of money. The following products guarantee your online success, all you have to do is read them and follow their expert advice!

I wouldn’t be surprised if Danny’s scam got his idea for his scamming website from these bogus sites.

Second, the free website offer that we saw on the Ultimate Wealth Package website makes an appearance here as well. In other words, when you purchase and market this website you are advertising the exact same thing that you signed up for except here you get a commission for all the people who sign up through your website.

Third, the way you generate money is through the product referrals displayed on your site. I find it ironic that one of the “recommended” products is the Ultimate Wealth Package.

Now here are some things you probably didn’t know about Mark Warren’s websites:

First, the Google adsense codes on all of these sites belong to Mark Warren. This means that he makes adsense revenue every time people click on those Google ads.

Second, after doing a Google search for criteria that match these websites (I’ll discuss the details of this search in the next post) the findings came back with 35,300 results. All of the 35,300 results were individually owned mark warren websites. If you signed up a paid for the website you would be competing with 35,000 other websites that provide the exact same content. Thats not all, because of Google’s duplicate content filter only about 500 of these sites are actually displayed in the search results. So in case you were thinking about buying one of these sites think twice.