Make Money Online Without Buying A “Money Making Product”

Ok I am going to try to keep this post very short. If you are seriously interested in making money online then dont bother with buying a money making product. Instead read these two links below and you’ll have a wealth of information and with that a zillion questions. Anyone interested in making money with Clickbank need not buy any of those products telling you that you could make lots of money online because all that information is free in the Clickbank forum hosted on

Read this link first:
The Best Advice I Could Ever Give A ClickBank Newbie Affiliate Marketer.

And then once you understand the information read this next link.
10K/Month Clickbank Method

Both these posts are exploding with information. If you have lots of questions then open an account on digital point and ask away. Or you could just search for your answer using the search tool in the forums.

The second link is a gem. It is written by a woman named Amy Cheung. At the end of her long post is a link to her eBook titled “How I Do 10K on Clickbank Every Month“. I just checked it out, her eBook is over a hundred pages long and absolutely free. She also just started a forum designed to help people make money online. The forum was just launched this month so it may take a little while until it grows.

Read the links over and over again and ask lots of questions or search the forums for answers.

Good luck and keep everyone posted on your successes.