Important information about Turnkey Adsense Ready Websites and Google’s Duplicate Content Filter

I previously had a post on my experience with my adsense ready websites. As I mentioned in that post I decided to give up on [tag]generating adsense revenue[/tag] through either creating [tag]adsense ready websites[/tag] or blogs with similar content. My main reason was that it seemed my traffic stopped all of a sudden and as a result I was just too frustrated to continue.

The other day I decided to re-visit the adsense ready blogs I created and see if, by any chance, the traffic had picked up again. I thought maybe there’s a chance that my adsense ready websites / articles were now being indexed by Google once again and the traffic would start flowing.

The result was both surprising and interesting at the same time. Not only did my traffic stop but it seems as if my adsense ready blog disappeared from Google as well. After seeing that, I did some research on [tag]Google’s duplicate content filter[/tag] to find out if indeed it was the filter that removed my content.

Here’s an excerpt from an interesting article I found from Tony Simpson of

On July 5, 2005 I published an article entitled “7 Top Ways to Avoid Link Theft” which was picked up and included as content on other websites.
Before the article was released I checked on Google whether any results already existed for the exact phrase “7 Top Ways to Avoid Link Theft” and there were no listings for that term.
Over the next few weeks I monitored through a search query on Google how many results appeared in Google for the title of my article. One week after publication there were 6,760 results listed in Google, a week later it was 14,100 and it reached a peak of 17,000 results by July 26, 2005. 4 weeks after publication, the results in Google had fallen slightly to 16,600. Almost 6 weeks after publication the results listed in Google had fallen to 44.

Let me take a step back and explain how [tag]turnkey adsense ready websites[/tag] work for those of you who don’t know. People buy products because they believe it would make them lots of money however they often have no clue how the product works. In the case of turnkey adsense ready websites, the way they work is by having thousands of articles related to almost any topic imaginable so that Google and other search engines will index all the pages of these adsense ready websites. Then, when someone does a Google search on lets say “The power of Affirmations” the results of that search would bring up related articles and content. The plan with having an adsense ready website is that hopefully one of your articles would come up in the search results. People would then visit your website to read the article, which your turnkey adsense website vendor probably took from, and once they are there they will click on the adsense ads displayed on the same page as the article. So the plan is that with 155 websites on different topics you should be able to get a lot of traffic and revenue through adsense clicks.

This is how turnkey adsense ready websites are supposed to make money. Unfortunately, due to Google’s duplicate content filter any website having identical information as another is automatically removed from Googles search results. Just imagine how many results would be displayed for an article when almost every turnkey adsense ready website vendor is selling packages with identical articles.

If you don’t believe that this content filter exists, here’s an example of Googles content filter in action:
I took an article titled “You Didn’t Use Brainstorming to Select Your Measures, Did You?” from one of the many articles on my Leadership adsense ready website and put it in Googles search box. The results came up with this:

I also found that often a title of an article will show up in search results but the actual content of the article won’t come up. In other words, if I do a Google search on a particular sentence within an article whose title came up on search results, the article is no longer displayed on search results. Google will only display titles of some duplicate articles but not the actual content.

So what does that mean for turnkey adsense ready websites? Everything! It means that people wont find your adsense ready articles when they do searches because Google removes them.

I, unfortunately, had a first hand experience with Googles duplicate content filter with this blog. I recently noticed that results of my blog were no longer coming up on Google search results. Baffled by this, I contacted some experts to help me figure out why my most popular articles were dropped from Googles results. After examining my source code they told me that my meta description (the code that describes your website/blog to search engines) for every page of my blog is identical because it automatically displays the default description of my entire blog. Google’s googlebot has been reading every page of my blog with the same description as my tagline above – “Researching Money Making Opportunities” and as a result has been removing my pages from search results because of duplicate content. Have a look.

In addition to the actual content of the blog, Google’s filter also removes items with similar meta descriptions. Many turnkey adsense ready websites not only share similar content but they also share identical meta descriptions.

Now for the fun part. In order to convince people that turnkey adsense ready websites are worthless I have decided to link two popular ones to this site for people to test. Don’t worry; I’ve disabled the Google adsense codes from the sites. Examine random articles and plug either their content or titles into the search fields of Google to see the results for yourself.



There are over 25 turnkey adsense ready website vendors who have been successfully selling their products for years now. Without Google’s filter, your search results would have returned with hundreds of pages of duplicate content but notice how it doesn’t.

If after reading all of this you’re still not convinced that turnkey adsense ready websites are a waste of time and money then by all means go ahead and waste your money and buy one.

Maybe in the future I’ll setup a link from here so that I could at least make a commission on these silly purchases.

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