How To Make Money Online – Introduction Post

Now that my blog is up and running its now time to talk about the most important component of this blog and that is:
How To Make Money Online!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, things move fast on the internet especially with affiliate marketing but at the same time some things stay the same.

People are promoting Amazon, Clickbank, and eBay etc. today just as they promoted these products / programs back in 2008 but with a little twist.

In this post I will briefly outline the key components to making money online. I will give more detail about each component in future posts.

While there are several ways to make money online this post and the following ones will focus on one of the most popular and simpler (yet not easy) ways to make money online.

Before I begin, its important to realize that it takes a lot of work to make money online. It also takes time and money. If you dont put in the following three components you wont be a successful online entrepreneur.

    1. Time
    2. Effort
    3. Money

As I mentioned above, I am going to write about one popular method and expand in future posts. There are plenty of other methods for making money online and I plan to get to them as well, but for now we are going to focus on the most popular method.

  1. Find a Niche that has lots of products and / or services and is worth promoting.
  2. Create a website, blog, or niche site, promoting a product within your chosen niche
  3. Sign up and create an email auto responder to collect emails on your site
  4. Run paid ads or implement SEO tactics directing people to your niche site
  5. In this step you have a couple of choices:
    1. A. Get people to read about the product you are reviewing and then click on your link to buy the product so you get a commission
      B. Collect email addresses by offering a free eBook or something similar
      C. A combination of A and B
  6. Upsell more products to your email list.

This is it in a nutshell but I will go through each step in the following posts.

If this all seems too confusing to you and you would like to get right down to business with a step by step program then I would recommend you getting an online course. One of the most popular courses right now for making money online is the Google Sniper program. While I plan on doing a full review on this product in a future post, what I have read about this system that makes it so special is that:

  1. Its easy to implement
  2. You do not need to spend hundreds of hours a month getting it going
  3. You can work on the program on your spare time
  4. There are more success stories with people implementing this system than any other make money course

Just so you know up front, this program costs money. You can visit the Google Sniper website and decide for yourself if its right for you.