How to Blog Effectively

Let me just start by saying that blogging is not for everyone. I can tell you from personal experience that its a challenging feat to keep a blog up and running. As you can see from this blog, I have left it dormant for so many years. Now, that I have time to blog I thought I would take a stab at it again and use my experience to improve this blog. Blogging requires time and commitment and if you have neither then maybe this isnt for you. But since you are here, I dont think I should waste your time yapping away about whether or not you should blog. You came here to learn how to blog effectively and thats what this post is for.

1. Have a Specific Topic and Stick With It!

Unless your blog is one giant rant or just your day to day life you should have a specific blog topic and stick with it. If its about making money online then stick with items about making money online. There are a lot of make money blogs out there that have stupid posts about how the person feels today or who they met where. Dont just blog for the sake of blogging. If you have nothing to write about then do some reading until you come up with ideas. The truth is, you shouldnt even start a blog unless you are sure you have enough post ideas to write about.

2. Write Quality Content

The key to maintaining a good blog is two fold. 1. Write good content. This will keep your readers coming back. Dont just write garbage for the sake of writing. Good quality content is the number one rule for maintaining a good blog. Included in having quality content is having proper grammar and spelling. Spelling isnt a problem nowadays with spell checks even in the blog but its easy often to mess up on the grammar. This rule is followed by rule number 2. Write and publish often.

3. Write and Publish Often

Post articles to your blog often. A good blog should have at the least two or three quality articles a week. If you are a tech blogger; then, you are expected to have more than one a day. But if you maintain a blog from home and you are limited on time; then, a few good posts a week are really all thats needed.

Thats it! These are the three most important components to having an effective blog.