How Mark Warren and The Ultimate Wealth Package Makes Money

The last two posts (I II) discussed the “free” websites available from the Ultimate Wealth Package and Markwarrenwebsites. This post will cover what’s really behind these “great” offers.

If you paid a visit to Ultimate Wealth Package you’ve probably read about how Mark Warren made $112 just on the first day he implemented his money making idea.

One day while I was working I came up with an idea on how I can make money online. I went home and turned on my computer and decided to explore the online world. I got so excited from the ideas in my head I decided to use one of my sick days and call off work the following day. I stayed up all night putting together this system to make money online finally at 4 in the morning it was up and running, and I went to bed. I went out for breakfast in the morning with a friend and when I returned home I turned on my computer and got online. I could not believe my eyes!!! I made $112 while I was sleeping and while I was out eating breakfast. This was as much money as I would earn working all day at my full time job.

The problem with this claim is that its simply not possible to make $112 in just a few hours of uploading either your website or whatever online “money making” system you have on to the internet. The turn around time for Google and other search engines to first index your site would be a few days at a minimum. The only way I can imagine anyone making so much money in such a short time is either through extensive advertising, like or through posting repeatedly in multiple forums. The former approach makes much more sense but this would mean the advertisements would probably be something dishonest in nature. I mean look at the websites he’s selling, how dishonest could one get.

So whats the great “money making” secret that’s making Mark Warren so much money? Its essentially the same secret that makes money for the free turnkey adsense ready website vendors – the commission they receive through web hosting affiliate programs. The more people they get to sign up with their “recommended” hosting provider the more money they make.

If you noticed on and on my previous post, in order to get a functional “money making” site you need to sign up with Mark’s recommended host.

All you need to do is sign up to the recommended host and we take care of all the technical stuff, provide you with your promotional material and vouchers… and you sit back and start earning money with your new website.

Right when I saw the statement above, I immediately suspected that he was receiving a commission for every one who signs up for web hosting with his “recommended” hosting provider. This is exactly the same tactic that the free turnkey adsense ready website vendors were using.

While most of the adsene ready website vendors were using the’s affiliate program Mark Warren uses the program provided by Midphase. The Midphase affiliate program pays out as high as $85 per referral.

Notice at the top of the screenshot that Midphase has so far paid out a whopping $4,000,000 in commissions. With at least 35,000 of these mark warren websites existing in cyberspace I wouldnt be surprised if most of the 4 million dollars were going to Mark Warren and his team. No wonder he’s so wealthy.

So where did I get 35,000 websites from?

Whenever I want to get specific results with my Google searches I enter the appropriate criteria in the search field box. In this case, I selected criteria that would appear on every one of the markwarrenwebsites and put it in quotations. All of the 35,000 Mark Warren websites were hosted by Midphase and had the free website offer at the bottom of the web page. I simply entered “Hosting by midphase” and “get your own free website!” and the search results returned with this:

Each and everyone of these websites is identical. The surprising thing is that when I checked the source code of ten random sites the Google adsense codes were identical as well and matched the adsense code of the “free” websites. This means that Mark Warren or someone else with this adsenes code is advertising Google ads on 35,000 websites. This revenue stream is on top of the money received through Midphase referral commissions.

Another thing I noticed in the search results was that it appeared as if some of the websites were sold from other vendors and not directly from However the contact information and links at the top right corner of these web pages link back to

If you ask me, all this looks like the real secret behind the Ultimate Wealth Package.