Welcome to the new layout of Rommo.net. If this is your first time here I hope that you will find this site both useful and helpful. If you are regular visitor to this site then I hope you like the new layout. Up until now this site was in a blog format. While I enjoyed maintaining a blog I found that it was quite a challenging and demanding task. Running a successful blog is a lot of work. Therefore, I decided to maintain the information that was in this blog and present in a standard website format. I will still continue to maintain the blog component but will only play a secondary role to ROMMO.net.

What is Rommo.net?

ROMMO stands for Researching Online Money Making Opportunities and this site is all about researching online money making products and opportunities to see which ones are actually for real, which are all hype, and which ones are nothing but a scam.

The products discussed are thoroughly researched to provide and in depth analysis to visitors of this site. Sometimes the products will be purchased while other times a thorough analysis could be performed without having to purchase a product. Please note that I have decided to expand beyond ‘money making’ products to provide reviews on other products as well.

In order to maintain credibility here are some important things to know about Rommo:

1. The name and email I use for this site is not the same that I use to register and purchase the products. This is done for a couple of reasons:

    A. So that the product owners can’t make an easy link between this blog and the person who purchased their product. This offers some bit of impartiality.
    B. So people can’t claim that the product vendors are paying me off to provide positive reviews.

2. The websites of the products reviewed or discussed are not hyperlinked unless they are proven to be legit. If a product is lousy then I will say so. It upsets me when people create bogus product reviews just to make lots of money off affiliate commissions by directing you to purchase either a lousy product or a product they’ve never really tested.

3. The name or link to the “money making” sites I’ve created is not provided in order to avoid directing traffic to those sites.

4. If a product actually works and provides some sort of revenue I will try and post in detail what worked and what didn’t.

5. Comments are key to the success of this site. If someone has a strategy that works then please post a comment about it. Comments can provide a wealth of information regarding positive or negative experiences with a specific “money making” product. Please read my commenting policy before posting comments.

I truly hope you’ll find this website insightful and that it becomes your source for information on money making opportunities, products, or scams.

Feel free to contact me at rommo.net@gmail.com or ari@rommo.net