Google Money Pro Sales Page (website) Review Part I

I have been hearing a lot about Google Money Pro lately and decided to check out the site. It seems that this product has been around for some time now.

After checking out the product website, I decided to write this review. This is a review of the Google Money Pro’s landing page (website).

If you haven’t done so already, please check out the Google Money Pro website and go through a few pages. This is necessary if you want to understand what this review is focusing on.

I plan on purchasing the product to provide a detailed review but first what I am doing here is listing some of my issues and expectations of the product based on what Steven Holdaway mentions on his site.

I have also read some online opinions of his product on various internet forums.

First of all, I have to say that his proof is quite impressive. He has a video showing how much he’s making so I have no doubt that he is actually making that much money. However as one person pointed out in a Forum on the money you see him making in the video is not as an advertiser but rather as a publisher. In other words, he makes all this money everyday through people selling his product.

First of all, in his sales letter, he is saying that he makes money as an affiliate, but, according to the picture located here it shows that he is making money as a PUBLISHER. That is like a mismatch and deceptive advertising.


If you look at the above screenshot you can see that the affiliate column is left blank. When you become an affiliate for Clickbank products every time you make a sale your affiliate ID appears in the column with the heading “Affiliate”. The name of the product you are selling appears in the “Publisher” column. So from the screenshot above it is clear that its his product that is being sold and since his affiliate column is empty it tells me that all the money he’s making is from thousands of people selling his product.

I agree with the poster on the Digitalpoint forum. This is deceptive advertising. Many people seeing the video will think that they could easily make that much money if they buy his product and apply his techniques.

Let me first explain to people interested in making this much money how difficult it actually is. Even if you do buy his product and even if he does tell you step by step how to make lots and lots of money this is what you’re looking at.

Lets say that he wasnt the publisher for all that money he made selling his product above and instead he was an affiliate who set up Google Adword ads to market his product.

According to the screenshot on his website for Jan 6, 2007 he had 318 orders and made $6895. Thats in one day. There was a sale every 4 minutes with an average commission per product of $22.

If we use the conversion rate 2.584% based on information that he provided in another screenshot on the same page, (which we get when we divide 13 sales by 503 clicks) then to get to 318 sales he would need to have 12,307 clicks on his Google Adword ads. With an average cost per click of $.10 it would cost him $1,230 to advertise a day. It requires a lot of work and constant tweaking to get keywords that cheap. If you are just starting out with Adwords you would be lucky if you only had to pay $.20 a click. At that rate, it would cost you $2,461 for 12,307 clicks. Yet you would still be making a profit.

Now this is only if you have a conversion rate of 2.5%. However if you have an average conversion rate of 1/100 or 1% (One sale per hundred people clicking on your adword ad. This figure is based on many discussions in several topics on forums. This is a general number and varies depending on the person and experience. But this is the conversion that people are told to expect when working with Google Adwords.) then for 12,307 clicks you would only have 123 sales. So it would cost you $2,461 to make $2,596. Your profit after all the work would be $135.

However, I have been using Adwords for awhile now and many keywords cost me as high as $.40 to get my ad on the front page of Google search results. At $.40 a click it would cost $4,923 to get 12,307 clicks. With a conversion rate of 1% you would be losing thousands everyday. $4,923 minus $2596 = $2,327 loss.

I hope the above information gave you a somewhat realistic idea of what to expect if you use Google adwords with the hope of making thousands from it.

My next area of focus with the Google Money Pro sales page, besides how easy he makes it seem to make so much money and his false representation of his affiliate commissions, will deal with the claims he makes about his product.