Getting a Refund After Purchasing a “Money Making” Scam

I have read emails and comments from people stating how they have lost money from purchasing either dannys-scam-review package or something similar useless product on the web. They fell for the advertisement or marketing spiel and paid for a product that in the end didn’t make them a dime let alone the thousands these products promised.

For starters, most of these online “money making” products are sold through Clickbank. I have written about clickbank before and mentioned the company in a couple of comments.

When you purchase a product that’s sold through you are automatically granted an eight week money back guarantee through the Clickbank’s return policy regardless of the return policy associated with the products websites.

If you’ve bought a product through clickbank or thought of buying one you would have noticed this at the bottom of the page:

It may be difficult to read but the line thats circled in the above screeshot reads:

ClickBank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within eight weeks from the date of purchase. For more detail see our return policy.

Here is the information on ClickBank’s return policy:

1. What is ClickBank’s return policy?
Our official return policy for all ClickBank products is as follows:
ClickBank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 8 weeks from the date of purchase. After 8 weeks all sales are final.

5. What is the policy for returns requested within 8 weeks?
Customers requesting a return within 8 weeks of purchase may be approved by our customer service team if the customer provides evidence that their case merits a return.
Publishers requesting a return within 8 weeks of purchase will have their request reviewed and usually approved by our customer service team.

So if you want, you could technically test out the various products and see which ones work or not. Ones that don’t work you could request a refund. But be careful not to do this repeatedly or Clickbank will ban you from making further purchases.

Requesting a Refund

Requesting a refund is actually quite simple. Here are the steps for getting a refund from clickbank.

1. Once you are at click on the ‘Customer Service’ tab at the top of the page.

2. Scroll down to customer questions and click on ‘Purchase Questions’

3. Fill in the form with all required information including your eight character order number you received just after purchasing your product choose “I would like to request a refund” in the ‘Request’ box.

4. Write out the reason you are requesting a refund in the ‘Question’ box and click submit.

You should receive a notification via email that your refund has been credited back to credit card.

Here is an email I received from someone who requested and received a refund for a product he purchased through

Dear Customer,

The following purchase has been refunded:

Customer name:
Customer email:

Refund date: 2007-02-11
Purchase date: 2006-12-27
Purchase price: $47.00 US
Order number: XKNNS3Z8

The full amount of the purchase has been credited back to your account VISA*XXXXXX.

Please note that it may take up to 5 business days (Monday through Friday, not including US holidays) for the credit to appear on your bank statement.

Best regards,

ClickBank Customer Service

Customer Service Order Inquiry

Order Email:
Email Link:

Order Number: xknns3z8
Order Link: =xknns3z8

Subject: I would like to return a product.

Hi I am requesting a refund on this product. The seller of this product states on his website that “I will refund your money in the first 90 days if you are unsatisfied for any reason.”

This product does not work as promised mainly because of Google’s duplicate content filter. In fact I have no doubt that the owner of this product knew darn well that this wouldnt work.

I look forward to my refund in the near future. Thank you.

Also, one of the visitors on this site, Pierre, posted this comment after purchasing one of Mark Warren’s Websites – a product not sold through ClickBank:

I was scammed despite my best jugement – 26-29Jan’07- Now, I’m presing “” since 29 Jan’07 for a full refund as per their term of service.
Will submit again when and how I got my money back

Time: February 3, 2007, 1:11 am
MidPhase’s refund received 30Jan’07, no glitch, no fuss.

The important thing is to make sure that you request the refund before the 8 week deadline for ClickBank products. Eight weeks should be more than enough time to figure out if a product works or not.