How Free Turnkey Adsense Ready Website Vendors Make Money

After doing some Google searches on these [tag]free adsense ready websites[/tag], I discovered whats behind them. Initially I thought that there was some major scam involved. While this still may be the case, as I will get to in a future post, the main purpose of these sites is the commission they receive by directing people to sign up with At the time of this post, this would apply to,,, and,,, (uses a different host than but the same idea) and any other free turnkey adsense ready website package.

This past October, the owner of was looking to sell his website for at least $5000 on is a website where site owners could auction off their websites. All the information regarding FSD and how it made money was posted on

Here is an excerpt from the discussion on

I am looking to sell my revenue generating site The site is 2 months old and generated 30 orders in August and 27 in September and 34 in October to date. The average income from site is $3000 per month. I would love to keep this site however do not have the time to run it due to health reasons and a recently diagnosed disease. Most of the traffic is through PPC and some other promotion methods, which will be revealed to the buyer.

According to the information posted on, pays the owner of $50 for every person that signs up for webhosting and $125 per person if they get more than 20 people to sign up per month. This is part of’s affiliate program:

Make up to $125 per sale!
1-5 a month $50
6-10 a month $75
11-20 a month $100
20+ a month $125
The more you send the more you make!
We give the best returns on the Internet!
Example: If you send us 21 sign-ups in any month you will get $125×21 = $2625

Therefore, just in case someone was wondering how he or she could get a whole “[tag]money making[/tag]” business for almost nothing by going with a free adsense program well there’s your answer. The ones making the money are the people getting you to sign up for webhosting with