Different Ways To Make Money Online

I am back from a long absence. In case people were wondering were I’ve been hiding all this time, I took some time off from this blog to come up with a better strategy for posting and keeping this blog running.

As some of you know, I am a full time blogger, however, this blog is not really generating any real cash for me, at least not yet. Purchasing “money making” products, testing them, and reviewing them takes a lot of my time. As a result, I decided to start another blog in a totally different niche in which I would be able to post more frequently. Frequent posting and quality content is key for a blogger and requires a lot of time, work, and patience.

With that being said, I decided to write a post on different ways to make money online. I actually wrote down the information in this post in a word file for myself as I was trying to figure out all the different ways for making money online. When I told a friend about this he, he suggested I post it to my blog because people have no clue about the different ways to make money online.

This information is actually quite basic but often the most basic information is overlooked. This post does not teach you how to make money online rather it tells you the different ways people make money online.

So here I go.

The different ways that I know of making money online are:

  1. Affiliate commissions – promoting products or services you don’t actually own or provide and generating income through commissions.
  2. Example Affiliate Sites: Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction, Clickbank

    This is accomplished by:

    • Honest product reviews, product and/or service referrals through website or blog, Advertising with affiliate link.


    • Through ads that mislead people to buy a certain product – get rich quick or other affiliate marketing

    Examples: bogus scam reviews, “This product works!!” (Danny’s Scam Review), “How to get rich fast!”, “Sign up with this hosting provider and get product x for free (Mark Warren websites)

  3. Selling a product or service online
    • Amazon, small online stores selling products, sites selling courses, software, ebooks, drop ship products, selling directly on eBay
  4. Having a really successful informational blog, website, or forum – money generated through ads, affiliate sales, paid reviews
    • Blog/Website examples: johnchow.com, stevepavlina.com, engadget, epinions, news sites, tripadvisor, webmasterworld (forum)
  5. Video or photo sharing site – making money off ads, buyout
    • Flickr, Youtube, Peekvid, Alluc.org
  6. Social Networking site – making money off ads, buyout
    • Facebook, Myspace, Digg, Delicious

If anyone feels I missed something then give me a shout. If it belongs on the list I will add it.