Dave’s Cool Little Websites Dropped by Search Engines

In my last post I discussed the two most popular opinions on Daves’s Cool Little Website.

This post is going to discuss how many DCLW actually exist on the web and how many are accessible through Goolge. In previous posts (here and here) I proved that Google’s filter does indeed remove duplicate Adsense Ready websites and Mark Warren Websites.

I decided to do the same test with Daves Cool Little website and see if Googles filter removes duplicate sites as Sydney has suggested it would. To do this test I would first have to find something that is common on all of DCLW sites. The key to doing a successful search and finding out how many of these sites exist is searching for identical content that appears on each one of the DCLW sites. All of the DCLW have ‘2006 DGI, INC’ on the bottom of the page.

DGI is the company that claims the rights to all the content, layout and design of each DCLW. So to find out how many of these websites exist in cyberspace, I did a search for the copyright information above. Here is a screenshot of my search results:

If you noticed on the side of Google search result that it returned with 439,000 results interesting, only about seven are actually displayed. 439,000 is really not the number of Dave’s sites that exist because the results include the multiple ebay pages of each of the websites. In order to get a more accurate number of results I conducted a search for that would only return with information on the home pages of each of these DCLW. This would tell me approximately, how many of these sites exist. So I modified my search to exclude any of the other pages of each of these sites by including ‘–php’. This entry tells Google not to include (minus sign) any pages ending in php. The result would only include the actual home page of these sites and nothing more. Here is a screen shot after refining my search:

Notice right away that the result returned with only two websites. Right at the bottom of the page you could see for yourself Google’s duplicate content filter in action. Also, notice at the top right corner of the picture that the total number of results is 33,800. Another time I did the search the result returned with 34,500. Interesting, When I performed the same search with the same criteria with Yahoo the result returned with 63,000 entries. So the number will actually vary depending on when the search is performed and with which search engine.

In addition to the duplicate content filter, I discovered something else quite interesting. When I clicked on the “repeat the search with the omitted results included” the results only returned with a total of 1,000 websites out of 35,000.

Yahoo also only displayed the first 1,000 websites once the duplicate content filter was removed.

See for yourself – with the filter and without.

So just to recap, according to Google’s search results there are approximately 33,000 – 35,000 individually owned Dave’s Cool Little Website and of those thousands and thousands of sites only two are actually displayed as a result of Google’s duplicate content filter. In addition, even if Google refrained from filtering out the other sites it would only display a total of 1,000 websites in its search results. So I guess Sydney is right after all. No wonder no one will ever see your site.