Dave’s Cool Little Website: Part I

In the beginning of my adsense ready website research, I came across a website that discussed the benefit of Dave’s Cool Website over all other adsense ready ones. The website mentioned how Dave’s cool website is a product different from the others and indicated that it worked. This website promoting Daves Cool Little Website (DCLW) is no longer available; however, I found another website that promotes this product. Before I get into what people have to say about DCLW and provide my review let me first briefly describe the product. For starters, DCLW is not the same thing as Mark Warren Websites. I’ll discuss the differences in my next post. DCLW combines the Clickbank affiliate marketplace, Google Adsense, eBay affiliate program and article database (just like you’ll find in those adsense ready websites) into one website. Unlike Mark Warren websites, DCLW is not designed to scam people and while the sites are individually owned they are all hosted together on one server and are not modifiable.

So what are the different opinions in cyberspace on DCLW?

Anyone doing a basic Google search on the product will see two websites come out at the top of the search results. One is from Chuck Huckaby at work-at-home.business-opportunities.biz and the other is from Sydney Johnston at Auction-Genius-Course.com.

Chuck has an article posted in April 2006 about how the product worked for him. He writes:

Dave’s cool little website does everything promised, has good to great follow up support, and costs $97 plus the domain name. I was shocked to start getting money from ebay several times a week thanks to having people visit my website Low Auction Seller.
So far the fact that lots of people have websites with similar content hasn’t hurt. All the money is from free search engine traffic.

Then in August 2006 he posted a follow up post:

But recently I get asked how much money I’ve made with it. I don’t know yet because I still earn money every day… not just when I blitzed an email list sold a bunch of these sites and then never made another cent! I earn it the old fashioned way… promoting it!
For me, ebay has always performed the best as a money maker, not clickbank or Google’s adsense though these have made me money. The lowest day so far has been $0… but really, you knew that didn’t you? You didn’t think there was some site you could buy like this that never had a down day? If you did, you’ll just have to get real. Unless you have a zillion member email list or want to pay for pay per click ads.
Using free promotion it’s been up to over $50 per day. I’m hoping it will hit $100+ days soon and I’ll tell you if that happens. It’s been great. Are there so many the market is now flooded? I don’t know. I don’t care as long as I keep making money really

These two posts seem to be a bit contradictory. The first post he states that “all the money is from free search engine traffic” while the second post he says “I still earn money every day…the old fashion way…promoting it!”

Well which is it? Does Chuck make money through search engine traffic or through advertising his site?

In his comments on his posts, Chuck makes it very clear that 1.You are not going to get rich from this product 2. Don’t quit your day job 3.You will only be successful if you actively promote your site.

So the question is what happened to the search engine traffic? Not everyone is so good at getting out there and promoting their sites especially when there are thousands of sites identical to yours.

Why should I pay $97 for a product that I have to pay to either promote or advertise on other people’s blogs or forums?
One of the commenters on Chuck’s site mentioned that its quite possible that Chuck’s own blog is promoting his site. Chuck denies that his blog brings much traffic to his site but I tend to agree with the commenter especially since Chuck’s own blog is ranked higher on the Googles search results than Dave’s own website.

So is the search engine traffic non-existent?

According to Sydney Johnston an eBay expert at Auction-Genius-Course.com this is the main concern with purchasing and making money through one of DCLW. She writes:

The actual website is quite interesting, and actually very well done. It combines the eBay affiliate program, Clickbank and AdSense ads all in one attractive site.
Yes, that part is definitely good for newbies who don’t know how to combine all those elements – much less on a good-looking site. The real question is … Will you make any money with Dave’s cool little website?
Honestly, I don’t see how. The question is: Where will your customers come from?

She goes on to explain that the two methods to get customers are either through advertising (Adwords or similar) or through search engine traffic. However because the sites are hosted on Daves own server people are really limited as to how much optimization they could do. At the end of her post she mentions the infamous Google duplicate content filter and how it would simply prevent all the duplicate sites from being displayed on Google.

The chances of traffic – and therefore customers – from the free search engines is so small as to be non-existent.

She ends off with this important comment which would explain why people would be interested in purchasing one of these websites.

Presumably, the motivation for buying one of Dave’s cool little websites is to make money. We cannot see how anyone – especially a newbie – can make any significant money with these sites, no matter how clever. Without customers no site will profit and there are few apparent traffic sources. Replicated websites just aren’t a good deal these days. NOT recommended

So, the question is of course who is right and how do we know. Maybe they are both right.

Both of these articles were published around the same time. Chuck claimed to have used the product and claimed it worked where as Sydney hadn’t. However, Chuck mentioned that he actively promoted his site, which Sydney mentioned in her post would be the only way to really get customers. Also, he hasn’t posted a follow up since his last post in August 2006 so for all we know he could be making nothing by now. In addition, Chuck’s link to the product is an affiliate link so he gets a commission when someone purchases the product through his site. This always makes me a bit cautious when I see these affiliate links. As I mentioned above, Chuck’s blog ranks higher on Google search results than Dave’s own website that probably means that he makes more money through promoting DCLW than he makes through his Low Auction Seller site. This alone would make me weary of his advice. What he writes about the product directly affects the money he makes through his affiliate sales. If he said the product doesn’t work so well then people wouldn’t go ahead and purchase through his site. At this point, I doubt he’s making anything except for Clickbank affiliate commissions.

If what Sydney said were true, it would mean that Google’s duplicate filter would remove all other versions of Dave’s cool website except for a few of them.

My next post will reveal how many Dave’s Cool Little Websites actually exist in cyberspace and how many of them are available through Google search results after Google filters out all the duplicates.