The information in this post also applies to dont-get-scammed-again.com, which is essentially the same as Danny’s Scam Review except that you first have to enter your email address to see the products that he “reviewed”, and lauras-scam-review.com which is exactly the same as dannys-scam-review.com.

Here’s an interesting website that I recently came across. I was doing my usual Google searches and happened along this site. I’m sure many other people have seen this site as well. If you do a Google search for “websites scams”, or “money making scams” you’ll see his website in the Google results page either in the sponsored links section at the top of the page or listed in the ads on the right side of the page. His tag line states: “I was scammed 37 times”.

Whenever I see a website like that I just have to investigate. How could someone be scammed 37 times? I found that a bit odd.
It wasn’t surprising at all that when I visited his website this is what I saw:


Isn’t it amazing that so many scammers think alike. They think that if they put large words on their web page and tell you that you will make big bucks if you use their product or if they put a big warning of some sort like the one we have above, people will usually fall for it. Its interesting because there are marketing studies out there that show how and why people fall for this type of advertising. Part of the reason why people fall for this type of advertising is that they are so desperate to find a way to make extra money that will believe almost anything. They will especially believe someone who claims to share their pain and have a solution to their problems. In addition, most of these websites have false testimonials. People read these testimonials and immediately become convinced that this money making product is for real. It’s terrible that people could do this to others.

So back to this Danny guy. This is what he says on his website:

Out of 37 programs 35 were complete scams that just took my money. Only 2 of the programs actually worked. I am going to give you an honest review of the 2 programs that did work for me. Although you might not make money as fast as they say you will, you will make money if you follow their steps. Below is my brutally honest opinion about each program. If you are looking at any other program besides these two you are most likely wasting your time, because I have tried them all and these are the only 2 that work. I would give you a list of all the scams but I don’t want these scam artists trying to sue me or anything for exposing the truth about them.

“Brutally honest”?! This is how low people will go to get you to believe that they are telling you the truth.

For starters, his webpage is identical to the other get rich quick websites out there. He has no about page, no contact, no other information except for the items he talks about on his website. The website of the first product he recommends seems like it was designed by the same people who designed freesitedeal.com. Here’s a screen shot of both:


Danny’s “reviewed” product

His reviews say absolutely nothing about the product he’s reviewing. He just says how great the programs are.

The one thing that made me recognize right away that this is a scam was his comment after the review of his first product.

*UPDATE* December 27, 2006 – I just checked the website and discovered its on special offer for only $50!

It was at night when I first saw his website. I was sitting at my computer and followed his link from a Google search as I mentioned above. After reading the review of the first product, I noticed the “Update” comment. The thing is when I saw his website for the first time it was just 5 minutes after midnight Eastern Standard Time on December 6. His website stated “UPDATE* December 06, 2006…” I immediately got suspicious because if the update were genuine that would mean he was sitting at his computer at exactly midnight and noticed and reported the special offer for only $50 all in time for me to see it at 12:05.

Now for some reason this didn’t make any sense. Maybe its just that people don’t usually sit at their computers exactly at midnight waiting to report such a thing. Especially someone who claims to be making thousands of dollars a month off the products he’s reviewing. I mean, why would someone so wealthy be so eager to tell me about this update? Surely, he could have just waited until the morning to update his website.

Well being suspicious as I was I decided to do the one thing that would verify if his website is one of those typical misleading scamming types – I checked the source code.

Wouldn’t you know it, my suspicions were correct. According to the information in the source code, our friend Danny had his website configured to post his update comment each and every day with the date automatically generated. He had a script installed to do this task.

See for yourselves (Note the list of months and Java Script):

The funny thing is, but not so funny, is him telling you that he “just checked the website and discovered its on special” What an outright lie. There’s no bigger proof of a scam than an outright lie. I guess after being scammed 37 times he finally learned how to scam others.