Danny’s Scam Review Part II

My original post on Danny’s Scam Review.com is certainly one the most popular on this blog. Since the danny ads started appearing all over Google people have been coming to this site to do some research on his product. This post is a follow up to my original one.

Since the orginal post on Danny Scam Review, a lot of information has been coming my way either through emails or comments posted under the original post. Some of the comments have come from people thanking me for saving them from wasting $49 on his products. I found one comment to be particularly interesting in that it provided me with some information on “Danny”.

Here is a comment from someone named Ben:

Just to let you know that “Danny” is not the person you singled out above but a UK marketer.
He has tried to hide his info because he will get into a lot of trouble with the Advertising Standards Agency in the UK.
I can’t tell you anymore at the moment as I am working on uncovering him for a UK magazine but as soon as the article goes out I will come back and leave more info.
Basically, if you get his email newsletters, look carefully at the source code and you will find “Danny”.
Keep up the good work!

So has Ben been successful in revealing more information regarding this Danny guy? Well after doing another Google search on Danny’s Scam Review I came across Ben’s website. Here is what Ben recently uncovered regarding Danny:

He even says about his “No 1 BEST PRODUCT” (ultimatewealthpackage.com):

“The purchase price is a little high at $299 dollars, but look out for the occasional special offer. I bought the package for $299 and the very next day it was being sold for only $99! I didn’t mind because I made it all back anyway! A full refund is also offered if you are not happy with the product which is extremely reassuring”

The truth is that the Ultimate Wealth Package was first launched on or around the 4th March 2006. Back then it was only $46, not the $299 that Danny claims.
In fact, it has never been priced at more than $50.

Danny’s Scam Review website is a complete con. He has taken probably the worst advice from the Rich Jerk eBook and tried to build a business around it.
I signed up for his “newsletter” to find out what his opinion of the top 3 scams was. He said that they were:

“Scam #1 – High Yield Investment Programs
Scam #2 – Envelope Stuffing
Scam #3 – Free Magazine Advertising”
And he’s probably right. The problem is that Danny says:
“Yesterday I made $493.98 with Ultimate Wealth Package…”

However, I signed up for his email newsletter with two different email addresses, a week apart and he said he made the same amount yesterday in both emails.

Danny’s Scam Review is a site which lies.

Whoever is behind it has built it anonymously because they are not willing to admit who they are.

Another comment discussed the ranking of Dannys-Scam-Review.com. Dan from scriptcalendar.com posted this comment:

Not considering that the website is a scam, the traffic it generates is staggering. Go to Alexa and see the traffic he’s getting. I don’t care what he recommending, I just want to know how he got that much traffic starting Nov 26 2006. It can’t all be adwords can it? That would cost a fortune.

So where does his website rank on the World Wide Web? Yahoo is ranked number 1. In other words it’s the most popular website in the world. Where does Danny’s Scam Review get ranked? His current rank at the time of this post according to Alexa.com is 27,725. It may seem like nothing compared to Yahoo, Amazon, and Ebay which rank at the top of alexa’s ranking but its still high on the list. To get an idea what his rank means, Alexa.com only provides real data for websites that rank in the top 100,000. Danny scam review ranks in the top 50,000. What’s surprising about these numbers is that his website doesn’t provide real content. He has about two pages on his site and these pages are static. That means all his traffic comes from Google advertising.

According to Trafficestimate.com, Dannys Scam Review gets about 274,500 hits a month. That comes out to approximately 9,150 hits a day. Nine thousand people are hitting his site a day and only about 1% of the 9000 are actually researching his product (this percentage is based on the number of search queries involving Dannys scam review.com that bring people to this site).

Advertising the way he does costs a fortune but it seems he makes up for it in affiliate commissions by promoting the products on his site.