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Up until now I have allowed almost any comment that was not spam to be submitted under my posts. As of today I am implementing a comment policy to control the type of comments posted. Since I have put in endless hours working on the articles on this site, I will no longer tolerate comments with external links to other peoples review/product sites. is primarily a product review site. I spend lots of time reviewing a product and writing about it. If the product is good then I will be posting an affiliate referral link to the product. If a product is lousy then I might post an affiliate link to a product that I do like. However, over the last several months people have been posting comments offering their own review of the product with either a link to their site or their own affiliate referral link inserted directly in the comment with the intention of directing traffic over to their site/product. Since it takes me a lot of time and effort to research and write about these products, I am requesting that people refrain from leaving comments intended to direct traffic away from

Maybe, in the future when this site has grown considerably, I will change this policy. I apologize if I have offended anyone or if this decision has caused a direct reduction in traffic to those who have been leaving links.

Kindly do not leave a comment stating:
1. That a particular product is great and that people should visit your site for more information.
Example: “I agree with Ari, this product is amazing visit my site to see what I have done with it.” Or “I love this product too. Click here to purchase it.”

2. That a particular product is making you thousands of dollars a day/week/month and that people should visit your site to learn your tricks yada yada.

3. That while this product is good this product that I have been testing on my site is even better.
Example, “While I too like this product, I have found that product x is a much better program and has made me rich. You could read about why I like this instead of that on my site.”

If you are unsure as to whether or not your comment violates the above policy or if you have questions regarding the policy please contact me at