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I wrote about in my post on and showed how the match up is really just a sham. In this post I’ll show you what they did to set up their phony match up system.

If you recall on my post on I mentioned how has a survey on their home page that they request you to fill out so they can match you up with the right home based business.

Here what I wrote in my previous post regarding the results of the survey I filled out:

I got the feeling that no matter what I entered the results would be the same. That would mean that the “Please Wait while we match you page” that came up after I clicked on the “Match Me Now” button was just placed between the survey page and the results page to make you think that its really processing your information when in reality its not. Smells like a scam to me.
See for yourself. I copy and pasted the link for the “Please Wait” page. If you click on the link it will load the wait page and then take you to your business match. Its amazing how the “experts” found a match for you without you even having to enter any information. That’s pretty advanced technology.

So the question is how are these pages set up to give me my results?

To get our answer I decided to check out the handy dandy source code on the page to see if the Please wait page was listed. This is what I found:

Notice on the above screenshot that it states “onSubmit” this means that when someone clicks on the “Match Me Now” button the resuting action is to load up the process.php page.

Now once we have the process page we could take a look at the source code for that page and see what it tells us. The only problem is as soon as the process page loads up on your browser you are immediately taken to the bethebossnetwork results page. So in order to see the source code for the process.php page you need to somehow either stop the page or right click and choose “view source” before the page is gone. It took me a few tries until I got it. Here is a screenshot of the entire source code:

In the above screenshot the source code tells us that as soon as the process page fully loads (onLoad=goURL) your browser should take you to the bethebossnetwork results page (function goURL window.location =….)

A sham just as I thought.

So just to recap for those of you who got lost in the above information. When you fill out the business match up survey and click on the “Match Me Now” button the page is programmed to load up the phony “Please Wait while we match you” page which, once loaded, will automatically launch the bethebossnetwork generic results page. I tell you, this is a pretty clever form of deception. Unfortunately far too many people have been deceived through this.