Become More Vigilant By Learning to Spot the Similarities of Get Rich Quick Products

If you can spot the similarities in many of these money making products then you could learn to be more cautious. Almost every money making product will have the following listed:

  1. A bold headline telling you that you’ve just discovered a secret or your on your way to make money fast.
  2. Affiliate Allstar
    What If I Told You That 99% Of Online Income Opportunities Are Misleading At Best, And I Will Personally Teach You The Skills Needed To Earn A FULL TIME INCOME from the comfort of your own home…would you be interested?”

    Day Job Killer
    How a 34 year old from NYC and a whizz-kid from
    California “swiped” from the super affiliates and
    “raided” the gurus without anyone even knowing…

    Ultimate Wealth Package
    “Start Earning A Full Time income Working At Home From Your Computer”
    You Could Start Earning Money Within The Next Hour….

    Profit Monster
    “Is it YOUR Turn to Start Making Thousands
    Of Dollars Per Month using a System that
    Virtually Runs 100% on Autopilot!?”

  3. Proof that the product works. Each product shows spreadsheets listing either their daily or monthly income.
  4. Pictures of wealth (fancy cars, house)
  5. Affiliate Allstar

    Ultimate Wealth Package


    Profit Monster


  6. Their amazing desire to help the world.
  7. Affiliate Allstar
    I know what you’re thinking. If this system is so incredible, why don’t I just keep it to myself? Well, I have thought of doing that, and even my friends think I’m crazy for releasing it. But the fact is, people ask me at least a dozen times a day how I make all this money on the internet, and if I’ll help them set something up.

    So I created The Affiliate Allstar to allow me to help as many people as possible make a full time income online

    Ultimate Wealth Package
    Over the next 14 months I perfected my business model and allowed a few of my closest friends to test it also. Every one of them saw great results which is why I decided to create this site and make it available to you.

    Day Job Killer
    So at this point, I can’t help but think to myself: why not take a few others along for the ride? Friends, colleagues and business partners tell me that I should bring out a “back-end” multimedia package for $5,000 or so, but honestly? Money means little to me anymore. And I am the one they all envy; so why should I abandon my paradigms now?

  8. Special Limited Time Price or Offer
  9. Affiliate Allstar
    But to take advantage of this limited offer you need to ACT NOW because I am only going to offer this one time deal to a very limited number of members.

    Ultimate Wealth Package
    Just enter that below and you’ll be able to save 50% off the normal price. Offer Expires: 11:59pm on August 9, 2007

    The Profit Monster
    SPECIAL Limited Time Price $49.95 Order before Midnight August 9, 2007 (By the way the website now says “Order before Midnight August 10, 2007″ It changes everyday.)

    Day Job Killer
    You can buy the Day Job Killer top-secret package for $197 $147 the discounted price of $97

Please note that I havent yet tested these products to tell whether or not they work. I still want to test the Affiliate Allstar after hearing some positive things about the product. But the point is there is certainly a common theme with all these products. Just keep your eyes open and try and be a bit more cautious before deciding on a product.