Back After A 6 Year Hiatus

Well it’s been over 6 years since I wrote my last post on Let’s just say that I have been busy pursuing other projects of the last several years. In fact I almost forgot about this blog and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I decided to get back to it. Unfortunately because the blog was left unattended for so many years, my WordPress became out of date and with that it wasnt online anymore. But the amazing thing about WordPress is that all you need to do is update some of the source files and everything comes back. This would have only been possible if I kept my hosting account active which thankfully I did.

So some of you (if any of you are still out there) might be wondering why I would bother with maintaining a blog that is so old. Well there are a few reasons why:

1. This blog was started back in 2006 when blogs were really just starting to catch on. A blog that old has a certain status to it. Possibly even may help with the search rankings.

2. I am still interested in making money online and researching online money making opportunities (rommo).

3. (This is really part of 2. Sort of like a 2a but I wanted to add another point so I am calling it 3.) There are so many make money products on the market now that I am dying to review them and provide some honest feedback.

Yeah I know what you are thinking. There is really no difference between number 3 and number 2. But the truth is that there is a difference. Number 2 is about my personal quest to make money online which I havent really done yet and number 3 is about specific products that I really want to write about.

One of the big changes for me over the last 6 years is my knowledge in online marketing. Since 2008, I have worked as an Adwords account manager with massive budgets for online Forex companies and a media buyer for a super affiliate in the online gaming / casino niche. So my online marketing knowledge has changed significantly. Anyway, its time to get this site up and running again. If you have any questions always feel free to give me a shout.