Adsense Ready Websites – What are they and what do people say about them Part II

After first reading about [tag]Adsense ready websites[/tag] back in July (2006) like most people I decided to do a Google search on them to try and get some information. The thought is if it’s too good to be true then it probably isn’t. So here is some preliminary information I found regarding Adsense ready websites.

According to Lisa at, the biggest problem with Adsense ready websites is that search engines ignore duplicate content. Since they are loaded with pre-written articles and anyone purchasing the product will have the same articles as another person with the same package, the search engines will therefore ignore the web pages altogether because they are programmed to filter out this duplicate content.

She writes:

Your site would be ignored faster than a Yankee fan at a Red Sox game! Remember….the key to making money with Adsense is getting traffic to your site so people can click your ads. Most people rely on the free search engines as their main Internet traffic source. I sure do! So, how are you going to capitalize on all this traffic if the search engines are ignoring your site? The answer is….you won’t!

Another site,, also discusses the issue regarding duplicate content and the problem with building a site on free articles that are available all over the web. However, they do mention that this may not be the case for all Adsense ready programs.

Recently, there are many membership sites offering ready made AdSense sites which consist of unique content. They may not solve the duplicate content issue above. But if you act fast enough, you will be one of the first to hit the search engines with the content.
So the point is, not all ready made sites are bad. They may help you start a profitable website faster. Still if you are to go for a long term business then you have to put significant effort to make the site unique and useful to both human visitors and search engines.

This sounds interesting however be aware that its still possible that the content for the unique sites may come from some free article directory or similar location (since there are thousands of articles in these directories its hard to tell) and also, this post is almost a year old which means that with millions of websites created each day its possible that way too many of these already exist. Another point as Lisa mentioned above, once these sites become more popular, Google begins to filter out the ones with duplicate content and then your left with nothing.

One person recently (Oct 2006) posted in a forum that he used to make as much as $150 plus per day through using these Adsense ready websites that is until Google started removing these site from its search engine.

95% of my domains (read adsense ready sites) were removed from Google’s index within 3 weeks.

Nowadays I am lucky to get $10 a day, mainly from MSN and Yahoo traffic!

So it seems that these Adsense ready websites may not be so great after all. Still, I think more research on this topic is needed. Stay tuned!

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