Adsense Ready Websites – What are they and what do people say about them Part I

Many people don’t even know what Adsense is let alone what Adsense ready websites are. Adsense is simply a Google based advertising program. The ads often appear in a column format on either the left or right sidebar on a website. The ads can also appear in other formats and are mostly text based. Here is a screenshot of what Google adsense looks like on a website:


Following a Google process, many people put Adsense on to their websites to generate revenue from the ads. Google automatically places ads that match the content of the information on your website. Every time someone clicks on the ads the owner of the website gets a percentage of the amount the advertiser pays to Google.

For more detailed information on Adsense visit the Google Adsense page or the Wiki page.

Adsense Ready Websites
Adsense ready websites are pre-designed websites that are loaded with articles on almost every topic imaginable. Someone purchasing these prefab websites would place Google ads onto the website and generate revenue through the ad clicks.
Here is a screenshot of what an adsense ready website on the topic of Success would look like:


It may be a bit difficult to see from the screenshot that the right hand sidebar has a list of articles related to the feature article in the body of the page. Circled above and beside the main article are the Google adsense ads.

Although it sounds simple enough the process is a bit tedious especially to someone totally unfamiliar to Adsense, domain registration, web hosting and so on.

If someone is serious about purchasing an adsense ready website they would have to be ready for a long and frustrating journey to get their websites up and running. This doesn’t even factor in building traffic which in of itself is quite difficult and challenging.

Here is brief rundown of the steps one would have to go through to get their Adsense ready websites up and running:

(Please bear in mind that the following process varies from person to person and maybe different for each plan. Do not use this process as a guide to installing and building your website. This is only an overview of the process.)

1. Purchase an Adsense ready website package – costs anywhere between $29.99 – $200

2. Register a domain name – Cost: $5.99 and up per year (Many hosting providers offer free name registration when you purchase one of their hosting plans)

3. Find a hosting provider – cost: depending on the quality of the provider and the amount of disk space and transfer bandwidth provided the price can range anywhere from $6.99 per month to $49.99 per month.

4. Download and unzip the adsense ready website files – There’s a zipped file containing hundreds of articles and pages (.php) for each topic

5. Create and design a home page for your website – Many adsense ready website programs do not provide you with adequate information or the files for this step. More information in the next step.

6. Apply to the Google Adsense program to get your code for adsense. This step requires you to already have a website to submit to Google for adsense approval. In order for you to have something to submit to Google you will need to transform the contents of one of your zip files into a workable domain. It doesn’t have to be an entire website but it does need to have something on it however, this task alone would take a few hours (at least) to complete for someone with minimum web development experience. Bear in mind, Google reviews each and every website that applies to Adsense program. Not all websites are accepted. It is possible that they would reject a poorly constructed website composed of hundreds of generic articles knowing quite well that it has been designed solely for the purpose of putting adsense on it.

7. Edit the adsense files for each subdomain and replace the pre-installed adsense code with the one provided to you by Google.

8. Edit the following files to personalize your website:
a. Style sheet – controls the look and design of each subdomain
b. RSS file – this controls the automatic feeds that appear on your website
c. Other files provided to you

9. Create a subdomain for each topic that you’re adding to your website. A subdomain falls under the domain name you registered and acts like its own domain without incurring the fees of registering another domain name. For example, if you registered as your domain name and you wanted an individual website for your topic on “Success” then you would create a subdomain called “Success” and place in under your articles domain. The end result would look like this:

10. Upload the contents of each zip file to their own respective subdomain folder. Depending on the size of the zip file and the number of pages contained it could take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour to upload all the contents of just one zip file.

11. Now that your website is online you will need to build traffic in order to make any money. Keep in mind; you are competing with millions of other websites trying to climb higher on the search engines.

A lot to absorb isn’t it? Now that you have an idea what’s involved in having an adsense ready website the next post (Part II) will discuss what some online people think about them.

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