A Free Alternative To Moneyfromhome.com

Since I have been getting emails and comments from people asking me if I know any legitimate work from home website, I decided to write this post.

There is a website called WhyDoWork.com that provides a list of companies that have work from home opportunities. The name is a bit misleading because the website is actually all about work but it is a free site.

When visiting the site just click on the tab ‘Work at Home Jobs’ and scroll down to the ‘Work at Home Employer List”. The good thing about this list is that it contains only legitimate companies. The list is broken down by category. Just click on the category that interests you to see the companies that are listed.

Please note that the list only contains the names of the companies and their web addresses. If you want to see what jobs are available you will have to visit each company website. Some companies may not have any positions available. As for the job search engine on the website, its hard to tell whats legitimate and what isn’t. It seems that all of the jobs listed are from Craigslist. Whydowork advises people to be weary with their job search engine as many of the postings aren’t legit.

One thing to be cautious with when visiting the website is the ‘Featured Listings’ on the left side bar. The listing is really an advertisement from a bogus money making site. In fact the site currently featured is identical to one I wrote a post about several months ago.

Leave a comment below if you have questions.